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Amy's Cheap Lock Poppers will pop the lock on our car.Call 901-413-5370.Serving Memphis Tn Bartlett Germantown Cordova Collierville and beyond.
"I was stranded after a few hours of shopping at the mall when I discovered that I had locked the keys inside my car.At this point I took out my phone and did a search for locked keys in car so I coud check the prices and get a locksmith in Memphis that didn't charge too much moey.I called the first company I saw but they were just way too expensive.If I'm not mistaken I think the quote to unlock my car was $160.I thought that was a bit high since it was during lunch time.Maybe I could understand if it was at night or over in the morning or somethiong.So I found a locksmith service that said they could do it for around $90 but once they got there it could actually be a little bit more to get the keys out of my car depending on how the lock was made on the car.I thought to myself that it sounded a little strange because I figured locksmiths probably had some idea about each car or truck they are called to open,if nothing else just based on opening enough cars and trucks to give them some idea of the job even before they came out so I passed on the second locksmith service.
At this point I was getting really frustrated so I called this locksmith service that said they could pop the lock and that they could make it to me in the next twenty minutes so I waited.And then I waited....and I waited and tried to call them but got no answer.My thinking was should I just call someone else at this point or wait in case they were right around the corner.After almost an hour I went ahead and called another company.The service that I called was Amy's Cheap Lock Poppers.I told them my situation and the guy on the phone apologized to me for having to wait like that and told me that he would definately be there within twenty minutes or so.Well guess what...he showed up and I was happy to see him.He unlocked my car door and gave the keys to me in no time flat in fact I don't think it took him a good thirt seconds to pop the lock on my car and I was soooo happy at that point.I gave hime a ten dollor tip for being so nice and showing up like he promised.
I always say that you should keep your word.If you are too busy just say so.I think it's bad when people tell you that they can expect to see ou in a certain time frame to open a car door but after a couple of hours they still don't show up makes no sense to me.Just tell me it doesn't look like we can make it to you before whatever time.That way I can decide if I want to call another car lockout service or just wait.It's just not complicated.I think some locksmith services just want to try to make all the money and I understand that but it's a better policy to try to keep your word to your customers.They could have at least called me back and told me that they were running behind and let me decide if I was willing to wait.Perhaps I would have since I was at the shopping mall anyway.So as a result the two previous locksmith pop lock services lost my money.I can vouch for Amy's Cheap Lock Poppers service.The took great care of me and I will tell others about them!!"~Jane Bodie,Cordova Tennesee
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